How equal are women in Britain today? (Year 9 investigation)

Over this half term you been studying how and why women achieved the vote after the First World War. You will have constructed an argument as to which cause you judge to be the most important and developed source analysis skills.

The homework has been to research how  equality between men and women in the UK has changed. You were given a couple of topics to help structure your research – such as sport, politics, media, employment.

You must blog your response to this question – how equal are women in Britain today? You must write 3-4 sentences and include some specific detail. Your judgements will be used in the lesson on Wednesday 27 March.

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17 Responses to How equal are women in Britain today? (Year 9 investigation)

  1. Joe Wilson says:

    Today, women golfers still earn a lot less than men.Male golfers earn about 30mil and women golfers only 15mil.
    In most countries around the world, women are equal in politics.
    Joe Wilson

  2. Emma Holmes says:

    Emma Holmes: I believe that the suffragists played a big role in getting the vote for women because they did peaceful marches, issued leaflets, run meetings, raise petitions, public debates with opponents and met with politicians and argued their case I thought this was the most effective because they did not use violence and they argued their point and didn’t use violence or attack anyone like the suffragettes.

  3. Millie J says:

    I think that women are still not treated with the same equality to men because if you look at men’s football, their wages are considerably higher than female footballer’s. Also men are sexist toward’s women because if they see a bad driver they automatically assume it’s a woman and this show’s how they (the men) think they are superior to women.

  4. Hannah W says:

    Today, even though women work the same hours as men do, they still do more household chores around the house. In fact, researchers found that they spent three times more on domestic chores, such as cooking, cleaning and washing, as their husbands or partners. The average for the amount of household chores for women is 17 hours a week, compared to just under six hours for men. This shows that women are still not equal to men, even when they spend the same amount of hours working a day as men do.

  5. George M says:

    I think that women are equal because in British politics men and women wages are the same at £56,738. But in other areas like sport women have always had a low percentage of men’s pay and have also been called to fragile to play full pitch/court sports such as basketball.

  6. Laura JM says:

    I think women today are mostly equal because woen work the same hours and jobs as men however men get paid more eg, football. Also most women work and cook when they get back from work.

  7. isaac Jones says:

    i do not think women are as equal as men today because in employment men earn around 2 percent more than women even though they work the same hours and exactly the same job, even though most women work longer hours then men.

  8. Ben Botterill says:

    Today I think women are equal in most aspects of everyday life apart from in sport and also in the home. Many women’s sports are not televised where as many men’s sports are which is extremely biased. Women are also stereotypically thought to stay at home whilst the men go to work. However in the media women are just as equal as men. In my opinion women are equal to men!

  9. Will H says:

    I am sure that women are not as equal as men are in todays society, just like they have never been. In November 2012, BBC Business news reported that women still earn 14.9% less on average than men for the same job and that a woman can earn £423,000 less than a man in her career. This is not equality.

  10. Will Darley says:

    I think that women are in some ways equal, like they are now able to vote, and a lot more women have jobs. Women are even politicians nowadays. However, they are payed a lot less, for example, in sports e.g football, and they get less wages than men most of the time. Will Darley

  11. Rachael N says:

    In my poinion i believe that women in sports are not equal in the 21st century. i think this because womens football is never broadcasted as often as mens sport and women are paued less. Men earn an average of £10,000 a week where are women are only paid an average of £3,000 a week.

  12. Dan Matthews says:

    I think women are treated equally in the 21st century as women play a huge part in politics and some famous personalities such as Sharron Osbourne and Jess Ennis etc… There has been some speculation surrounding Women’s pay for the England Women’s football team and their contracts, just last week there contracts were described as “embarrassing” and have had their contacts increased by £4000 and have been formally apologized to.

    If you are wondering why this has been said twice is because i didn’t read that it said “Name:”

  13. Eve O says:

    I think that women and men are partly equal,however there are still some things that they aren’t equal on. In some jobs women still get payed less than men. From investigations,research from 2011 shows that the average male manager is paid a simple salary of £41,337,however the average female boss only gets paid £31,306.This shows how women and men are not equal, as the women has a more proffestional job compared to the man, however she is still payed less.

  14. Rachael Langtree says:

    I think Women are not equal today in britain because in Politics 1 in 5 MPs are women meaning most are men. Also you get on the news about men goveners and men MPs but not women. In sport women and men play seperate from eachother meaning they are different. In football mens is put on the main and most popular television channels however womens is on a more quiet station. Also men are paid more money than men for example men are paid around £100,000 whereas women are paid £500 best however this is due to the lack of money made by the matches
    Rachael L

  15. Alex Morris:) says:

    In my opinion it some cases take football for example men’s wages are a lot more.however in others it’s the complete on planes,if they crash they always say women and children out first. Assuming men are stronger however in some cases they are wrong.i think we just need to accept that we are all different and are not equal.

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