Year 10 History – School Assessed Coursework

How siginificant were Dunkirk and Operation Barbarossa in World War Two?

You have four lessons and homework to produce an inquiry into the question. The achievement standards require your work to demonstrate the following historical skills;

  • Refer to events, actions and people
  • Analyse causes and effects
  • Explain context of events
  • Explain the importance and significance
  • Use sources / range of information
  • Conclude ideas and thoughts
  • Use key concepts

Your completed inquiry should follow a clear structure;

  • Who? Key events, people and nature of events
  • Why? Causes of the events
  • What next? Effects of Dunkirk and Barbarossa
  • How important? Significance of Dunkirk and Barbarossa

Any resources, internet based or books, should be referenced at the end in a bibliography;


Word Limit – 600-800 words

Useful websites

You can post other useful resources on here!


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